$6014 Airbnb stay reduced to $450 on Hostshare. 🌍💸

Travel More, Spend Less with Hostshare! Eliminate Airbnb fees, get 21 free travel nights instantly. Example: $6015 Airbnb stay reduced to $450 on Hostshare. 🌍💸

Travel More, Spend Less. 🛫💰

I think we all can agree that Airbnb / VRBO service fee’s are too expensive. 😖 But what if we told you that YOU could travel more, while spending less?

Hostshare: where hosts travel the world for the cost of a cleaning fee.

Once a host adds their listing to the Hostshare platform and it is approved by our team, (see listing guidelines here) that host will be credited with 21 free travel nights instantly. Now, they can use those travel nights at any other hosts home on the platform within 5 days of booking the reservation.

Let’s say an Airbnb has a $200 nightly rate with a $150 cleaning fee, $196 service fee and a total of $168 for taxes. That would bring your total to $1400 for a 7 night trip.

When booking through Hostshare, you eliminate the nightly rate and the Airbnb service fee, bringing the total to $168 for a 7 night stay. Sounds too good to be true, right? We’ll show you a breakdown using a real listing.

No Nightly rates, No Airbnb Service fee’s, No Taxes 🕺🏼

That’s the way uh huh, uh huh, I like it! *Cue KC & The Sunshine Band*

Check out the breakdown for this home on Airbnb, located in Cle Elum, Washington:

Notice the total cost for a 4 night stay is $5599 before taxes. Now let’s look at the same listing on Hostshare:

It’s pretty wild to think about all the places you could go when you don’t have to pay the nightly rate. Time to add new places to your travel bucket list. 🥳 Start adding now!

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