How it Works

The future of travel doesn’t include paying for nights.

We're changing the game and showing you a better way to travel. Find out how Hostshare harnesses the power of your vacant nights.

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How it works

The future of travel doesn’t include paying for nights.

We're changing the game and showing you a better way to travel. Find out how Hostshare harnesses the power of your vacant nights.

Our Simple Process

Unlock Free Travel in Three Steps 🏖️

Submit your Listing

Our team will review and verify your listing to make sure it's a good fit for our community. We're committed to providing a quality experience for all members, which is why we carefully vet hosts and their properties. Once approved, your listing becomes the passport to your future travels. Share your unbooked nights with other hosts to unlock free travel.

Get Instant Access

Once your listing receives our stamp of approval, simply pay a $395 annual membership fee. This instantly unlocks 21 days of free travel within the Hostshare network.

Your property will be made available for other users as well, but only for last-minute bookings. This means that if you're fully booked through other platforms, you might not need to share any nights at all!

Your hosting commitment is limited to a maximum number of nights, based on your average nightly rate. Typically, hosts share between 10-35 nights annually. So, once you've hit this cap, your obligation to share your listing is complete for the year.
Learn how we normalize values of vacation homes.
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Travel for Free

Pack your bags and get ready to travel! Once approved, you'll get access to the entire Hostshare network for free stays, and your property will be listed for other users to stay at. Plan your last-minute stays on the Hostshare network and always stay for free, paying only for cleaning costs. Enjoy a truly immersive travel experience by staying with local hosts who can offer insider tips and recommendations. As a member, you can use up to three weeks (21 nights) per year in free stays, as part of your yearly membership fee of $395.

Hostshare Calculator

Your property's availability will be capped at a maximum number of nights, determined by your average nightly rate. In return for this availability, you'll gain access to 21 nights of free travel, instantly.

Remember, while we base your commitment on your average rate, you aren't obligated to share all these nights, especially if you're fully booked. Your property simply will be listed and available on our platform.
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Max Shared Nights
Avg. Savings on Stays 🙌
*Based on the average nightly rate value of homes on the Hostshare platform being at $264/night, this is the amount of nights your property will need to be available to share during the year if you have vacancy.
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No Sharing Required When Booked
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Common Questions

How do I travel for free?

Our platform is exclusive to hosts of short term vacation rentals, and each person who joins must add their property in order to join. Travelers must book on short notice (the stay must be within the next 5 days), this eliminates the likelihood of lost revenue from a paying traveler. The cost to a host is then most likely nothing (cleaning fees are charged to the traveler), and they are then provided access to other hosts' homes as well.

How do you normalize the values across different properties?

We calculate how many shared nights you would be sharing in exchange for the 21 days of travel per year. The formula is established so that the higher value properties share less nights, and the lower value properties share more. For instance, if someone has an average nightly rate of $500, they would be sharing approximately 15 nights per year. Whereas if the property was valued at $100 per night, there would be closer to 45 nights shared.  

What if I am usually fully booked?

Our platform is designed off statical probabilities. As such, if you typically experience higher than 50% occupancy then you would be the exception. Most homes experience about 40-50% vacancy which is a lot of empty nights. Having no nights available to share would not impact your ability to travel and use other homes on the platform.

How does the cost of a week traveling with Hostshare compare to week with a typical STR (Vrbo, Airbnb, etc)?

1 Week Trip with Airbnb/VRBO:
Nightly rate: $200 x 7 nights = $1400
Airbnb/VRBO commission: 14% = $196
Cleaning fee: $150
Taxes (Transient occupancy Tax): 12% = $168
Total: $1914


1 Week Trip with Hostshare:
Nightly rate: $0
commission: $0
cleaning fee: $150
Taxes (TOT): 12% = $18
Total: $168

Savings: $1746 (91%)

Can I block dates on my calendar that I don’t want another member to book?

Since Hostshare is designed to utilize last minute unbooked nights (within 5 days), there is not currently a way to block dates from being booked. However, statistics show that high demand dates and paid bookings through Airbnb, etc commonly get booked further than 5 days out. Our goal is for Hostshare members to not lose booking revenue but also share their last minute unbooked nights (that likely would sit vacant) with other hosts in order to stay free across the Hostshare platform.

Can I join Hostshare without sharing a vacation rental?

Our platform is only possible through the shared trust and contribution of a hosts-only network. We accept only quality properties, with highly-positively rated listings, and a history at least 5 reviews. We expect our members to treat the sharing experience as if it was their own property, and we believe this value will enable our members lives to  experience real freedom.

Can I sign up my owners, as a management company, to receive free travel?

Absolutely! As a management company, you have a fantastic opportunity to benefit both your owners and yourself. By signing up your owners for free travel, you'll not only bring them immense value but also elevate your business. Download the management company partnership PDF to explore the compelling reasons why this offering will be a game-changer for you and your owners.

What if I have a management company managing my property?

If your property is currently being managed by a short-term rental (STR) management company, we recommend seeking their permission to explore supporting Hostshare. To assist you, we have prepared a prewritten email below. It's a convenient way for you to reach out to your management company and inquire about utilizing Hostshare. We're confident they'll be excited about the possibilities it offers.

Who can book my listing?

Hostshare is a private booking platform built by hosts. So only approved Hostshare members who are also sharing a short term rental listing on the platform can see or book your listing(s).

How often will my listing get booked on Hostshare?

Every listing is different, and has a a different nightly rate value. After you submit your listing the Hostshare calculator will set your maximum number of nights you might share on the platform during the year of your subscription. This number is calculated based on your listings nightly rate compared to the average nightly rate across the entire Hostshare platform. This number is the maximum you might share, so if you share that number of nights, your listing will no longer be shared to travelers on the Hostshare platform, but you still get to travel with your available nights. Although you will be given a max number of nights to share, you can still enjoy 100% of the free stays benefits of being a Hostshare member even if nobody stays at your listing!

How often will my listing get booked on Hostshare?

Bookings on Hostshare can only be made 5 days in advance. This is what we refer to as a “last minute booking”. So when booking a property on Hostshare, you can only book within a 5 day window, and likewise when other Hostshare members are trying to book your property, they can only book 5 days in advance. This is designed this way so Hostshare members don’t lose booking revenue from Airbnb, VRBO, etc but are still sharing last minute unbooked nights on the Hostshare platform for others to utilize.