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Average vacancy rate for short term rentals

Unlock the value of your unbooked nights to pay for vacations!

Turn vacant nights into vacation nights

The average short term rental sits vacant 50% of the year. Hostshare unlocks greater asset value by trading unbooked (short-notice) nights for 3 weeks of free stays.

It's like House Swapping, Only Supercharged


Expansive Home Network

Join Hostshare and gain access to a vast network of hosts. No need for direct swaps - unlock a world of homes for your free stay and enjoy unmatched travel convenience.

No Nightly Rates, No Platform Fees

As a member of Hostshare, you avoid the platform fees typical of traditional booking platforms. Only pay for cleaning with no nightly rates or service fees. Enjoy your stay, free of hidden costs.

Maximize Unbooked Nights

Turn unbooked, last-minute (within 5 days) nights into opportunities for free travel. Even if you're fully booked, there's no obligation to share!

Trusted Host Community

Join a safe, trustworthy platform connecting you with a supportive community of travel-loving hosts who respect property care.

Fair Exchange System

We normalize value based on average nightly rates, ensuring a fair and equitable exchange process for all hosts. Check out the Hostshare calculator to learn more.

Instant Value

Just by being part of our network, even without sharing a night, you gain 21 nights of free travel. Experience the instant value that HostShare brings!

Trusted by the best hosts in the world

Thousands of short term rental hosts are saving several hundreds of dollars on each stay with Hostshare.

Versatile Appeal

Attract the right attention.

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“We’re lovin’ this product!”

It's like House Swapping, Only Supercharged

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21 nights of free stays - instantly
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Access to over 1,000 listings on the Hostshare network
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“This is by far the coolest travel hack for short term rental hosts.”

Rob Abasolo, Robuilt & Co-Host of Bigger Pockets