Hostshare: Listing Guidelines

Hostshare Listing Guidelines: Ensure your STR is a fit by being established, having an owner/manager, 5 reviews, and year-round availability. Follow the rules for a seamless experience. 🏡📋

Hostshare Listing Guidelines

How do you know if your Short Term Rental is the right fit for the Hostshare platform?

Check out our Listing Guidelines below!

1. Established Short Term Rental 🏡

Your listing must be an established listing on another platform such as Airbnb, VRBO,, etc. Photos are required as well as a list of amenities and any STR rules.

Check out this listing as an example: Skyline A-Frame in Easton, WA

2.Established Host, Owner, or Management Company 💃

To be a part of the Hostshare platform, you must be the host, owner, or manager of a short term rental. Proof of right to host will be required at time of sign up. If you aren’t the host, owner, or manager, it’s time to get on it so you can join Hostshare already. 😄

3. Reviews & Rating 🥇

We require a listing to have at least 5 reviews before approval on the Hostshare platform (unless Hostshare team decides otherwise). The Hostshare team will also take into account the overall rating from your previous reviews and reserve the right to deny a listing if they feel it is not a good fit for the platform.

4. Availability 🗓

Your STR must be kept available (outside of your regular bookings) for a year's time from the time of joining Hostshare. Hosts must be willing to accept a Hostshare member’s stay when in the five days in advance window. Hosts cannot manually block out their listing for long periods of time reduce the number of available shared nights through calendar manipulation. See Hostshare calculator here).

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