Hostshare Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Last updated
Oct 20, 2023

Hostshare Terms of Service Agreement


Welcome to Hostshare! By registering as a Host, you agree to the following Terms of Service Agreement (the "Agreement"). This Agreement forms a binding contract between you, the "Host," and Hostshare LLC. If you disagree with any of these terms, please refrain from using our Services.

1. Host Responsibilities 

1.1. Account Information: Always provide up-to-date, accurate, and complete information for your Host account. Safeguard your login details, ensuring they're never shared with third parties. 

1.2. Listing Integrity: You bear the sole responsibility for the content of your listings, ensuring their accuracy, including descriptions, images, pricing, and availability. Ensure that your listings abide by relevant laws and regulations. 

1.3. Guest Relations: Prompt, transparent, and honest communication with Guests is paramount. This includes timely responses to inquiries and bookings. 

1.4. Property Standards: It's your responsibility to make sure the property meets all local laws, regulations, safety guidelines, and any other pertinent community standards. 

1.5. Prohibited Conduct: Engaging in illegal, harmful, or deceptive activities, such as discrimination or intellectual property rights violations, is strictly prohibited.

2. Bookings and Payments 

2.1. Booking Commitment: If a Guest reserves your property via, you must honor that booking in line with your listing description. 

2.2. Payment Dynamics: will handle the payment process. In exchange for using our platform, you agree to pay any associated service fees or commissions. 

2.3. Cancellations and Refunds: Stick to your specified cancellation policy. Breaching this may incur penalties or necessitate refunds as described in our overarching cancellation policy.

3. Membership & Fees 

3.1. Annual Membership: Registering for a Hostshare membership grants you access to exclusive services and features including 21 nights of free stays. 

3.2. Membership Charges: The annual membership fee is between $395 and $1295 depending on the plan. This fee isn't refundable except in specific promotional contexts. 

3.3. Billing Procedure: Membership fees are charged upon publishing your approved listing, renewing annually. You can cancel anytime, but partial refunds for the current period are not provided. 

3.4. Membership Adjustments: We reserve the right to adjust membership features or fees, always informing members about significant changes.

4. Indemnification 

You commit to defending and indemnifying, including our partners and employees, from any claims, liabilities, or expenses (like attorney fees) arising from your misuse of our Services, your listings, or any Agreement violations.

5. Modification and Termination can amend or terminate the Services or this Agreement as needed. We'll notify you about significant Agreement changes. Continuing to use the Services post-change indicates acceptance.

6. Legal Governance & Disputes 

The laws of Delaware govern this Agreement. Any disputes will be resolved in the courts of [Jurisdiction].

7. Additional Provisions 

7.1. Entire Agreement: This Agreement represents the full understanding between and you regarding our Services, overruling any prior agreements. 

7.2. Severability: If any Agreement provision is legally unenforceable, the remaining provisions will continue in effect.

8. Beta Version Acknowledgment 

8.1. Beta Status: is currently in its beta version, which means the platform is undergoing public testing before its official release. As such, it may contain bugs, errors, or other issues that could affect its performance or reliability. 

8.2. Limited Liability: You acknowledge and agree that will not be held liable for any disruptions, inaccuracies, errors, or issues you may encounter while using the beta version of our Services. 

8.3. Feedback & Reporting: While not mandatory, we encourage users to report any discrepancies or problems they come across. Such feedback will be invaluable in refining and improving the platform for the official release. 

8.4. No Warranty: The beta version is provided "as is" without any warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. makes no guarantees regarding the continuous operation and availability of the beta version. 

8.5. Updates & Changes: The nature of beta testing means that the platform might undergo rapid changes. Features may be added, changed, or removed without prior notice as we refine the platform based on feedback and internal assessments.

By using or clicking "I agree," you confirm that you've comprehended and agree to this Terms of Service Agreement.