What does a “last minute” booking on Hostshare mean?

Share your last minute, vacant nights with other Airbnb hosts, without losing out on revenue using the Hostshare platform.

What Do We Mean By “Last Minute Bookings”?

Our tagline is “trade your last minute, vacant nights for free stays around the world”.

Stargazing bed at the touch of a button allows sleeping under the stars and cool night breezes at this A frame in Remsen, New York

While most of the co founders of Hostshare have been hosting on Airbnb for almost 8 years, we are very pro host. Meaning, we don’t want to take away revenue from your STR. With Hostshare, you are booking your stay within the next 5 days. While this is last minute, this eliminates the likelihood of lost revenue from a paying traveler.

Travelers must book on short notice (the stay must be within the next 5 days). The cost to a host is then most likely nothing (cleaning fees are charged to the traveler), and they are then provided access to other hosts' homes as well.

Check out this video with some more info:


Curious how this really works when trying to book? Here’s an example:

Image taken from the Hostshare platform

Taking a look at this listing’s calendar on the Hostshare platform, you can see that tomorrow & Saturday (February 23rd & 24th) are already booked (assuming today is Thursday February 22nd). But Sunday the 25th - Tuesday the 27th is open and available to be booked. Because Tuesday is five days from today (in the five day window), I am able to book this property Sunday-Tuesday.

What if I am usually booked?

The average STR sits vacant 40-50% of the time. That is a lot of wasted nights!

Our platform is designed off of statical probabilities. As such, if you typically experience higher than 50% occupancy, then you would be the exception. Having no nights available to share would not impact your ability to travel and use other homes on the platform.

Book your stay, the free way now, using Hostshare!

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