Travel For Free: February 15!

Start traveling with Hostshare on February 15th! Verify all your listing information is accurate and travel for free.

🥁… Travel Coming: February 15th 🎉

If you are an early adopter and your listing was approved in recent months with Hostshare. We are finally ready to launch a limited travel capability with all US-based approved listings Feb 15.

Starting February 15th, you will have free, 12 month access to Hostshare stays, based on the number of nights unlocked by your listings (see your dashboard).

Please review this list to ensure you are prepared to start hosting and traveling:

Things To Verify:

  • Verify your listing information (address, photos and nightly rate) is all correct. 👍🏼
  • Verify your calendar is up to date and synchronized with HS. 📆
  • Verify that your cleaning fee is correct.

Beta Limitations To Be Aware Of:

  • The cancellation policy is globally set to be strict for all listings. Non-refundable after 24 hours of booking.❗
  • The check-in and check-out times are also globally set to check-in at 4PM and checkout at 10AM locally. ⏰ (This will be editable soon!)
  • In-app messages is not available yet, so once bookings occur, guests and hosts will have access to each other’s contact information to coordinate check-in (phone and email). 💬
  • Instructions for guests to stay at your place are coming soon.
  • Only approved listings in the US are available to book.

Action Steps - once booking is released:

  • Export your hostshare calendar and sync it into your airbnb calendar or channel manager.
  • Setup your payout account

Agreement and things to note:

  • By using HS, you are agreeing to share last minute (5 days in advance) bookings and keep your listing(s) live for 12 months from 2/15/24-2/15/25.
  • This platform is by hosts, for hosts. Please be respectful to others properties.

This soft launch applies only to our US-based listings. We are planning to enroll the hosts from the other 40+ countries in our network very soon. 🌍

If you wish to opt out or if you have any questions please inform us by February 13th via email (

We are looking forward to hearing about your first trips, and if you are willing to share about your experience on forums or social media it will help to enrich the experience for everyone by growing the network of sharing hosts. 🌟

The future is bright for traveling hosts! ☀️


The Hostshare team

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