Top Airbnb Podcasts in 2024

Discover insights from top Airbnb/VRBO podcasts in 2024! Gain wisdom from hosts and experts on topics like hosting strategies, optimization, and financial freedom. Check out the recommended episodes for a firsthand experience. 🎙️🏡🔥

Top Airbnb / VRBO Podcasts for Hosts in 2024 💥

Looking to glean some wisdom from the pro’s when it comes to your Airbnb / VRBO? Check out this list of podcasts that we recommend.

  1. Get Paid For Your Pad Podcast: Hosted by Jasper Ribbers, this podcast covers a wide range of topics related to Airbnb hosting, featuring interviews with successful hosts and experts. We had the privilege of joining Jasper. See our episode here.
  2. The Hosting Journey Podcast: Hosted by Evelyn Badia, this podcast offers practical advice and personal stories to help hosts navigate the challenges of short-term rental hosting.
  3. The STRU Podcast (Short Term Rental University): This podcast, hosted by Richard Fertig, provides insights into the short-term rental industry, including Airbnb hosting strategies and real estate investment tips.
  4. The Airbnb Entrepreneur Podcast: Hosted by Rachel Prince, this podcast explores various aspects of Airbnb hosting, from optimizing listings to managing properties.
  5. Optimize YOUR Airbnb Listing: This podcast, hosted by Daniel Rusteen, focuses on optimizing Airbnb listings to increase bookings and improve overall hosting success.
  6. The Unlocked Podcast: Hosted by Matt Landau, this podcast features conversations with vacation rental professionals and explores the evolving landscape of short-term rentals.
  7. STR Secrets: The Short Term Rental Secrets Podcast is dedicated to providing actionable content to help new and seasoned real estate investors launch, automate and scale their Airbnb business and fast track their journey to financial freedom. We had the privilege of joining Mike. See our episode here.
  8. Cocktails and Dreams Real Estate Podcast: Success and fulfillment do not always go hand in hand. That's why so many people are caught in the catch-22 of having to prioritize career success over the needs of their loved ones. Although some people neglect their professional development in favor of putting their families and loved ones first. Where do you find the middle ground when you want so much more out of life? Find out on the Cocktails and Dreams Real Estate Podcast. We had the privilege of joining Jeremie. See our episode here.
  9. My First Million: While they are not always Airbnb focused, they offer great wisdom on how to achieve success. Sam and Shaan talked about how great of an idea that Hostshare is here.

Let us know how these podcasts impacted your Airbnb / VRBO hosting journey! 🎉

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