The Hostshare Pledge

Hostshare Share Pledge: Hosts commit to sharing nights, embrace benefits and foster community. A mutual agreement for a thriving Hostshare experience. 🤝🏡

The Hostshare Share Pledge | Building A Strong Community

What is the Hostshare pledge?

The Hostshare pledge is an agreement that all hosts must agree to before becoming a part of the Hostshare community. This helps Hostshare keep our systems running smoothly and create an exceptional standard among the community of Hostshare members.

1. Commitment to Sharing Nights

Pledge: I promise to keep my property available for the stays agreed upon, for a year's time from today. I will not attempt to reduce the number of my available shared nights through calendar manipulation or other wayward means, and I shall share the agreed-upon nights with Hostshare guests, as calculated by the Hostshare Share Formula (see Hostshare calculator here) or set manually by the Hostshare team.

2. Embrace the Benefits for Sharing

Pledge: In return for sharing these nights, I will accept 21 nights worth of stays at other host’s STRs at any available homes within 5 days of booking, provided nights are shareable by that host. I will be a respectful guest and treat members of this community like an extended family (as long as you have a good relationship with your extended family — if you don’t then watch an episode of Michael Landon’s “Little House on the Prairie” for some inspiration 🤪).

3. Adhering to Terms and Conditions and Community Moderation Rules

Pledge: I agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this arrangement. If any dispute should somehow arise, I will first agree to attempt moderation with the support of other members of this community, prior to requesting intervention by Hostshare customer service*.

Promise: Nights shared and sought for travel shall gracefully follow the rules penned in our community agreement.

Note: The host travel support and moderation feature is in development and will eventually handle the majority of dispute resolution care on Hostshare in the future.

4. Embrace the Community

Pledge: I agree to this arrangement and I will be reasonable in my expectations of the other members, and treat each home as if it were my own property. I will adhere to any rules set by a host while staying at their property.

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