The First Free Stay 🏝️

Tiny Home in the cloud forrest of Costa Rica: Hostshare founders enjoyed a $60 two-night stay in a $350-$450 nightly rate home. Join Hostshare, see the world for just the cleaning fee! 🌎🏝️

The First Free Stay 🏝️

Welcome to Amalu Monteverde! This place is a dream and should be at the top of your list of Hostshare homes to visit! Two of our founders had the chance to vacation here for two days - check it out:

The average nightly rate for this home is between $350-$450. The cleaning fee is $60.

Because we used Hostshare, we had a two night vacation here for only $60!

Here is a snapshot of the receipt where you can see the savings (Note: it is in Colones, Costa Rican currency)

Costa Rica Stay Receipt

Our mission is to eliminate waste and enrich lives. We eliminate waste by utilizing your STR's vacant nights and enrich your life by giving you opportunities to see the world at a fraction of the price.

Join Hostshare today and start seeing the world for just the cleaning fee.

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