Common Q's Before Your First Hostshare Stay 🥂

Hostshare FAQ's: Book up to 5 days in advance, bring friends, travel free.

Common Questions Before Your First Hostshare Stay 🥂

How far in advance can I book a Hostshare stay? 🏠

Our goal is to ensure that hosts make the most revenue possible while still being able to stay at other STRs for free and eliminate wasted nights. You can book up to five days in advance to give hosts the opportunity to receive a paying guest first. If an STR is available in five days or less, you are welcome to book it.

How to do I pay the cleaning fee? 🧼

Through the Hostshare platform - Stripe Inc. is integrated for all payments. Payments will be required at time of booking. 💳

Are there any other fees associated with my stay? 💸

Nope! However, hosts may opt for STR insurance to cover the stays at their property. You can find out more info here: Superhog STR Insurance Guide

How do I get my check-in instructions? 🔑

In-app messaging is available between members! So your host will be able to send you your check in instructions before your stay. 📩

Can I view a list of the amenities and rules of the property I will be staying at? 🛋

Yes! You can take a look at all amenities and rules on any particular listing before booking to make sure it is a good fit for you. 🎉

Can I bring friends or family members with me? 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

You bet! 💃 As long as the Hostshare member is present with them. However, the Hostshare member is responsible for compliance of the party to follow the STR’s rules. Just like a typical STR booking, you will be asked to disclose how many will be in your party and some hosts may ask for their names/info as well depending on their particular protocol.

How many nights can I book? 🤔

This all depends on the STR’s availability as well as how many nights are left in your allotted 21 free nights of travel! But the last day of your stay must be within that five days out window. You may be able to extend your time (or pay the normal rate) if the STR is still available on the last day of your stay and you would like to stay longer. 😄

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