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Discover a game-changing company for Short Term Rental owners to optimize off-peak nights. Unlock travel options for vacant nights with expert insights.

Short Term Rental Owners will want to know about this NEW company that can help you maximize your off-peak and off-season nights. Turn those vacant nights into options. This week, Jeramie Worley meets up with Sean Wilkinson and Landon Wilkinson, two exceptional entrepreneurs in the vacation nightly rental space. Pilots, STR Owners, leading edge tech developers, and all around just great dudes asking the question: “How do we turn vacant nights into vacation nights?” So, listen in to the exceptional Q&A that might just become the BIGGEST perk yet to being a STR owner! Many of us have assets but we don’t know how to use them. If you have vacant nights, you can now trade those for travel to locations you love or have never been to yet. The Vacation Rental industry is for people who love to vacation and travel, so learn some new strategies here!

“You go through ThirdHome, Kindred, or, and they are all second homeowners allowing the home-sharing platforms that exist right now to be geared towards second homeowners, but not short-term rentals. Since they are requiring you to block off time and the future, you are only ever going to have most likely revenue days lost. For us, a light went off. Most likely within five days, those nights carry a high probability of going unbooked.”

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