Hostshare: Escape Expensive Airbnb fees 🎉

Hostshare: Escape expensive Airbnb fees! A platform for hosts to share vacant nights, travel for free. Thousands joined in 45 countries, saving big on luxury stays. 🌍✈️

Hostshare: Escape Expensive Airbnb Fees

We are stoked that you are here!

We’ll cut to the chase - Airbnb / VRBO service fees are too expensive. Home swapping platforms aren’t up with the times (ie: calendar sync). Who has the time to manually block out their calendar anyways? 😖

We like to call it home sharing, not home swapping.

We are here and ready to help you see the world - all while avoiding expensive service fees and nightly rates. Sound ok to you? 👏🏼

Hostshare is a platform for hosts only. Share your last minute, vacant nights with other hosts and travel for free… yeah, really. 🤯

The team of founders here at Hostshare have been hosting for over 8 years. The idea came from when one of them had some friends use their Airbnb for family that was visiting. "Just cover the cleaning fee and we're good." That sparked an idea that became an obsession. You are already paying for utilities, wifi, etc. Why let it sit vacant? 🤨

Statistically, Airbnbs are vacant about 40% of the time. Our light bulb moment 💡 is when we realized that hosts are missing out on an opportunity to use their Airbnb to access free travel nights around the world.

Escape expensive Airbnb service fee's.

Once we launched this idea in May of 2023, it was clear to us that hosts are hungry for Hostshare. Since then, thousands of hosts in 45 countries have signed up.

Recently, two of our founders traveled to a Hostshare property in Costa Rica. The luxury tiny home they stayed in has a nightly average rate of $350-$400 / night. All they had to pay was the $60 cleaning fee! After calculating the total cost of savings, they saved about $835 on a two night stay. They got the chance to see a new place in the world and make lasting memories with their kids all while paying only $60!  🤯

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Our mission is to eliminate waste and enrich lives. We eliminate waste by utilizing your STR's vacant nights and enrich your life by giving you opportunities to see the world at a fraction of the price.

Join Hostshare today and unlock free travel around the world. 🕺🏼

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